The next “Unleash Your True Potential” workshop will be Fall, 2017. The course helps you reach your true potential by figuring out exactly what it is you want to achieve. The goal is a “time out” from all the demands of your everyday life so you have time to think about your life. Great things don’t happen by chance. It takes active planning. You experience a combination of visualization and meditation to get in touch with your deepest desires then figure out how to make those things happens within your life. You look at your values to make sure they are aligned with your goals. Then you look at your limiting beliefs to see what is holding you back from what you really want to achieve. For more information, contact me directly at


Discover Your Gifts Workshop

If you are wondering if your life is on the right path, or if you are feeling like you should be doing something… but can’t figure out exactly what that “something” is, the gifts workshop could be your right next step. Through small group exercises and discussions, you sift through different gifts to find your particular gifts. Then you look at how you have used these gifts in the past and where you found your personal sense of joy, because it is when you feel that sense of joy that you are really tapping into your gifts.

This workshop is spiritually based, not religiously based.  We do look at the gifts that are discussed in the Bible and other gifts as well, such as music, dance, craftsmanship and more. Everyone has gifts. Understanding them and appreciating them can be challenging!

This workshop is offered periodically during the year. If you have a group which would like to discover their gifts, please get in touch with me and we can discuss the opportunity.  You can reach me at