“Mommy, can I watch Nemo? Mommy, can I watch Nemo? Nemo!!! Nemo!!! “

My son was relentless when he was 3… He just kept hammering me to get what he wanted.

Not NemoTenacious… He never gave up. It didn’t matter that he had seen the film dozens of times. He wanted to see it again.

He teaches an amazing lesson…

When you want something, you have to go after it.

It doesn’t matter that others say no. Why should he change his desire just because I said no? He knew in his heart that eventually he would get a yes and he would just keep plugging away at it until the “yes” came.

The drip method of wearing mom out! And frankly it worked because he got to see a movie on Friday nights. And he would get to see Nemo. How often have you really wanted something, and were told no. What did you do? Did you accept the no? Or did you instead hold that as a sound bite and kept going for what you wanted? Or do you face a different problem: you aren’t really sure about what you want in the first place? You feel you want something… you can feel it in the pit of your stomach, yet you cannot reach it… you lack clarity of vision for what it is you truly desire.

When we are at these crossroads of life, having someone who will hold us accountable to our highest self, keeps us on the right track. When we don’t know our track, having a methodology to discern our true gifts acts like a roadmap to help us through the process.

If you are in the place of your life where you are ready to focus on your dreams and your desires, then Mom’s Turn is just the place for you. With a tried and true process for discerning your spiritual gifts and a way to uncover your strengths coupled with additional exercises, Mom’s Turn helps you to see a path for your future. Then, you create a vision for how you want your life to be and we work together to figure out how to get there. Once you have your path, you are invited to join a Mom’s Turn MasterMind Group to hold you accountable and support you during your journey.

If you have that burning sense of desire to do something more with your life and you have reached the place where you can actually focus on what you want, then Mom’s Turn offers you the method and support during your journey.

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